Women and Lifestyle

In a world where women create, where women nurture, where women preserve, where women are controlling the daily running of a household, a family, where women are establishing culture and tradition, ponder a bit over whether a woman is really understood and valued in the correct manner, whether even the woman understands her own potential.

The one who produces life herself lives in no style of her own for her world is demarcated by her definitions and responsibilities, that of a wife, daughter, mother, sister. The strongest being on earth, an outstanding individual, the epitome of patience, silence, love and growth and yet she remains the inferior one. Or rather, she is made inferior by the man who does not realise her potential and neglects her strength and capacity to dabble many roles at the same time. In turn, the woman has forgotten her strengths, uniqueness and has let the man rule her life and lifestyle. It is the man’s family, friends and way of living that she adopts and adapts and unknowingly becomes dependant on the man who is otherwise dependant on her for everything. What a funny reality where the one who is more grounded loses her ground the moment she ties herself with a man.

The way a woman lives defines the tradition of a family and of that society. The way she keeps the house defines the beauty of that place and whether it is home or still just a house. The sacredness and serenity she fills in the home, the way she nurtures the family describes the vibes of that family as a whole. Some homes you would observe make you feel relaxed and at peace while many others give you a cluttered feel. This happens with the way the woman who handles the daily functioning of the house lives.

Women who live a healthy lifestyle are ones who love their families immensely, are highly energetic and creative, and filled with nurturing energy that inspires all to perform their best in society and the world. Such women themselves are great achievers and are bright sparks in their respective zones of career and professional lives. This ability makes them a perfect balance of feminine and masculine energies or the rational and creative energies. Actually, feminine energy in itself is the one related to Creation, of both male and female and hence a woman is more intuitive, understands nature better than others, and has a unique innate sense of compassion and care.

To claim that one knows a woman well is like saying you know God for the one who is forever creating and nurturing, who is filled with immense emotions is changing everyday internally. Hence a woman has to be handled delicately and should never be approached from the mind because she is stationed in her heart. A unique combination of “Shakti” and “bhakti”, a woman is best understood when treated as a goddess or queen and such families where women are safe, secure, respected and happy are the ones who grow in all dimensions.

The relation between a man and a woman is such that each is incomplete and ineffective without the other. The play of the opposites is so interesting that none wins and none wants to lose from the other. One is power and the other is the possessor of power, one is life and the other is the purpose of life, the solar and the lunar principles cannot exist without each other and despite being in such stark polarity by body, emotions and attitude, they complement each other.

Gender difference in itself is actually a myth for the woman and the man, both have the masculine and the feminine, the solar and lunar energies within and except for the physical body, there is no difference in the inner layers which comprise the mental body, the energy body, the intellectual body and the bliss body. It is in going within these bodies that the true evolution of a human depends and in balancing both the masculine and feminine qualities that a healthy, progressive culture and society can exist.

The world needs to look at the greatest Brahmin at heart and in being as the epitome of dharma and religion and give due regard to women in every sphere of life including the highest religious and dharma positions which come naturally to her. Why should a woman not perform religious rites alone or be the panditaas, rishikas, yoginis and why even catch them in the feminine definitions for a yogi, a rishi, a sadhu is by spirit not be body or gender. Hence remove all gender based identity from the definition of a woman for she truly is and will always be the amount of energy, creativity, patience, love, nurturing, giving, sacrificing, devotion, affection, silence, godliness.


Gurushree Vidushii

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