Stock Market and Spirituality

A highly unpredictable life of humans is akin to the stock market where there is no surety of returns and where greed is the greatest checking parameter of an investor, broker or trader.  An industry where it’s a game of numbers and not even the greatest strategist or mathematician can calculate the destiny of a stock. Stock market as the name suggests is a market, where if you do not check the health of a stock, you may be in for a rude shock. You can even call it a mad jungle for it is purely a market of bulls and bears.

Time and again, you have to check your expectations and desires and remain in complete awareness. Its, however, as unpredictable as the Brownian motion wherein the underlying movements are hidden from your sight and if the next moment, the scrip goes through a high or low, it causes a change in your pressure levels simultaneously. So, unknowingly, you get your destinies attached to the destiny of a firm. But this moment-to-moment watch is also life; living in Now for the past or future is not known.

A company’s losses are yours and their profits are also yours. But in real life, if asked to take in someone’s sorrows, we are the last ones to be the saviours but here is one field where everyone enthusiastically trades or invests. Interesting terms, trader or investor, some live for today and others call theirs a wise investment over a period and when a scam or company turnaround changes the result of the best companies ever, you call it bad luck. It is a reminiscence of life with its polarity or duality where happiness and sorrow, good and bad are a part. Call it the oscillating pendulum but change is constant here.

Just like in life, we need to renounce all vices and remain attached to our own in a detached manner while being a witness to our own actions, so too in stock markets, we need to invest with patience, wisdom, discretion and watch our stocks like a witness without getting too attached to them. And “focus” becomes essential once again here for unless we focus on a few selected stocks and go by the beliefs and words of anybody claiming to be an expert, the fallout can be disastrous.

Many homes have been left dry after facing losses in the stock markets and their generations have paid for the loss created by a member who is supposed to be a caretaker or the breadwinner. It has broken hopes and dreams of many families leading them to a brink of disaster and again, one member’s destiny or result of his karma changes the lives of the family. This gamble with money is no less than a war, if you win, you get a rajtilak and capture a few more territories in succession but if you lose, you lose even your kingdom. Hence, greed and not over greediness, caution and maturity over manipulated balance sheets, fearlessness but not overconfidence, presence of mind and not blind belief are essential traits of a market player. Play is the word!


Gurushree Vidushii

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