Rudra Success Sutras

An individual’s resourcefulness defines his success rather than the number of resources he has. A leader is different from the rest because he shows and takes you along the path, influences you, has more knowledge and has something more than the rest. Because they work on self, it is the bigger picture they carry in life and leadership becomes a habit. Rudra Success Sutras will teach you the higher tenets of leadership by learning the process of self-realization. Shift your awareness within and be a true leader with a complete command over your five senses. Our weekly sessions are based on concepts like mind and intellect, sankalpas, duality and oneness, management and vedanta. Expand yourself in multiple dimensions and learn the higher kriyas to transform business and reach the acme of excellence.


  • Discover the leader within you by reaching within
  • Through self-realization learn higher sutras of leadership
  • Complete command over five senses to bring out the true leader
  • Learn higher kriyas to transform business and reach the acme of excellence
  • Inner management techniques
  • Meditation, yoga, kriyas and mudras

Complete faith or trust in someone happens with complete surrender where no matter what the other person does , you are one with him.That’s complete advaita, total acceptance and surrender what you give to your Guru or God.– Gurushree Vidushii 

Few glimpses of Rudra Success Sutras:


The most appealing part of Rudra Success Sutras was Rudra Vani, where one can detach from the world and can immerse into self. It taught me how to balance myself in every phase of life whether work , family or individual.

Arpit Ajmera

An excellent workshop made me connect better with my inner self and has increased my intrigued of understanding the purpose of my birth and how to improve my karma. What appealed to me the most was the talk on mind, body and soul which led me to introspect about the same and how we need to get into better karma. Definitely recommended to all corporate at all level and business entrepreneurs too.

Kainaz Turel 
(Sr. Manager, Marketing)

There was a lot of simplicity and relatability in Rudra Success Sutras. Today I learned that simple things done on a daily basis can have so much impact on one’s life. Overall a very good programme introduced by the management.

(Asst. Manager, HR)

A very good workshop which touches the insights of mind, body and soul. This workshop will change all of us if we learn to stay mentally and physically fit.

Neha Gir
(Manager, Kids Buying)

Excellent Programme! Being positive and believing in my karma is what I propose to execute after attending the Rudra Success Sutras. Learning to focus and observe your thoughts and attract positive energy is what I have learnt today.

Ratnakar Prasad
(Design Chief)


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