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Rudra Mahayog is an enriching and enlivening programme that provides a soulful insight into our inner dimension. A peaceful and educating process of Gyan, Bhakti, Kriya & Karma yog together with kriyas that help us establish a new relationship with prana shakti are the key aspects of the Mahayog. The programme helps you unleash the power within and makes you experience different freedom and balance your mind, body and energy in a yogic way.

Experience the absolute reality, the pure consciousness, the balance of the masculine and the feminine, subtle and ethereal and the world of material and spirit in a divine way with Rudra Mahayog. The entire process of transformation through Rudra Mahayog is one that allows an individual to celebrate life and the inner space in a balanced way. Rudra Mahayog is the great union with that almighty; the Supreme One who has the power to remove all the obstacles and help one live in oneness of physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Bhakti, Gyaan, Karma and Kriya Yog the four paths can be reached when we make the ultimate use of our emotions, mind, body or the energy within. – Gurushree Vidushii

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Rudra Universe is an oasis. Gurushree is a pillar of support spiritually to a lot of people. Being so deep into the materialistic world, though I believed in the Supreme Being. I had so many questions unanswered. To understand and experience the steps to connect with the aatma, to cleanse and regulate the manas, to ensure the well being of the manas and the physical body, to understand the power of silence and visualization, the Rudra Mahayog by Gurushree Vidushii ji was an eye opener and I believe a life changer. It is a very powerful one day workshop where clarity, purpose and path to better living dawn upon each participant. Everyone should experience this.

Suresh Srinivasan
(CEO at Erudite Management Solutions)

I found out about Rudra Mahayog from Magadhi. I was told that this program will truly influence my life. I attended the program with an open mind. I was not disappointed at all. Gurushree Vidushii ji used simple language while explaining concepts, the session was very interactive and well organized. We were encouraged to ask questions, clarify concepts and were also taught simple exercises that we are supposed to do everyday. I would definitely attend such a course again and definitely worth recommending.

Aditi Vaze

Rudra Universe is an organization run by inspiration from Vidushii ji and it is culmination of her vision of the world. Various activities are carried out through Rudra Universe which helps us at an individual level and also society as a whole.  Rudra Mahayog is one such one day program where you can understand deeper meaning of life. Also Vidushii ji’s personal guidance shows you the right path at various junctures of life.

Kundan Save
(Director at Omni Design, Architects and Interior Designers)

We would like to share our experience of attending Gurushree’s Rudra Mahayog. This was our first experience with the concept of Yog and meditation and my business partner, Hardik and I were quite skeptical and uncertain of how it would be. At the very start of the session we were comforted with a soothing ambience which had a great natural fragrance with lovely yet simple floral decoration. Gurushree Vidushii and Magadhi were very warm and we could strike a conversation with them instantly like we knew them for years. We thank Gurushree from our hearts and highly recommend this program for one and all. Thank you and best wishes for success and well being.

Hardik Harsoza & Fowzia Shaikh
(Partner – Effex Business Solutions Pvt Ltd)


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