Rudra Anandini

Rudra Anandini is aimed at bringing about the highest potential of a woman making her realize that the whole universe is a creation of the feminine. The program is designed and dedicated to all the creators of the universe. It will help transform all women into transformational leaders and introduce them to their inner Shakti, while balancing the purusha & prakriti principle in each one of them.


  • Maintain arogya for self and the entire family
  • Being the Annapurna, discipline self to inculcate healthy eating habits in the family
  • Become emotionally stronger
  • Maintain peace within family and outside
  • Imbibe strong decision making power
  • Reach a higher level of awareness
  • Attain a fearless state of mind and a sound sleep
  • Learn meditation, mudra and different yogic kriyas

Well Sadhana is no less than a war where power , discipline,a strong mental faculty are required and a sadhak has to have all these to walk the greater path. – Gurushree Vidushii



Learn to be Blissfully Alive!

Join the Rudra Mahayog Program. Experience a calm mind, reduced anxiety, increased energy levels and sustainable happiness everyday!


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