Antar Yatra - The Key to Transformation

If you are looking at opening the doors of your being to some higher energy, then this seven day Gyan Sutra course will help you align all that is present within nature and take you towards the Divine within you. Realize your higher self that is waiting to be touched within your body and mind and erase the difference between the individual and the universal.

Release all your pain and stress and experience bliss in your very own being for all that you look outside is within you. Excel at every front in your life with your fullest potential and get prepared for an inward journey with Gurushree Vidushii, the founder of Rudra Universe, who has led many to walk the greater path of divine oneness.

What will you learn in this Gyan Sutra course?

  • Understand the divine rhythm in nature
  • Strengthen your mind and energy
  • Know your Self in every dimension
  • Get rid of all limitations that bind you
  • Learn the techniques to align the energy vortices within
  • Uncover the secret tradition of the Yogis
  • Increase your Spiritual Quotient
  • Experience a shift in your consciousness

Walk away with a more aware self and bring to fore your real divine nature. Get the power to read all your thoughts and emotions and start channeling messages in Prakriti. Once into the programme, get into a different paradigm that will lead you into a space beyond your mind and senses. Go beyond learning about living with love, joy, success and abundance for the supreme consciousness is beyond all. Leave behind all doctrines and be with the Eternal and Infinite.


Duration - 7 Weeks

Gyan Sutras with Gurushree Vidushii

INR 9800 + GST

Register now for the seven weekly sessions for 1 hour each with Gurushree Vidushii


Course starts on Tuesday, July 28th 2020 at 3.00pm

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