Our Core Vision and Mission

Balanced is the one who walks on all the four paths, exactly the quality of a true Guru who will show all the four paths and liberate his disciples from maya and worldly bondage.– Gurushree Vidushii


To be the abode for choice for mental and spiritual awareness and emancipation.



Dedication to imparting knowledge to attaining higher consciousness, helping humanity and humans globally on the path to higher consciousness.

To reduce the extent and impact of the trauma of violence in women, where domestic violence is reinforced by economic hardship, alcohol abuse, other antisocial behaviour and social and cultural inequality. Provide learned, spiritually inclined, trained and experienced counselling to abused women and help them resettle in life.

To provide processes, tools, products and continuous support to mankind to help find peace and their inner calling.

To make the needy self-reliant by getting them launched on an entrepreneurial path.


Rudra Universe Foundation

Rudra Universe Foundation is dedicated to imparting knowledge to attaining higher consciousness. The foundation will be helping humanity and humans globally, the path to higher consciousness. One source, one path; the path of advaita is what Rudra Universe is focused on with a perspective of taking care of every human’s physical, psychological and spiritual state of being. Under the tutelage of Gurushree, the mission will aim to bring people into a state of higher awareness where every individual will learn the science of living with a new approach; life that is yet not the life we live. The entire process of transformation through Rudra Universe’s teachings that allows an individual to celebrate attachment in a detached way. There by creating a complete balance in the worldly and spiritual life.


Rudra Universe Community

The main objective of Rudra Universe Foundation is the upliftment and empowerment for the poor and the women with the basic aim of providing them with health and resources for living.The path involves Rudra Universe volunteers educating the poor about their rights, resources and creating a balance in this community through mental, physical and spiritual harmony. The project will empower various villages in such a manner that they will continue on their own in future times too. The aim of the organisation will be to conserve environment and create an ecological balance in and around Maharashtra to begin with. The tree plantation drives, cleanliness drives, bringing ngos, corporates and municipal communities together will be the one stop goal for the organisation. With small initiatives we aim at bringing a massive change in the current environmental scenario.



Prison programmes

While every individual is in his own prison of thoughts those in prison are also individuals with both bad and good thoughts. Liberty is everyone’s right and liberty of thoughts or being is the greatest blessing one can provide. Discipline is one big attribute with the prisoners and when combined with yogic kriyas it can transform them into more concious beings higher than human beings anywhere else in society.


Women’s empowerment

One major objective of the foundation will be to create awareness amongst villagers to stop female foeticide, provide equality for women, educate the girl child and create awareness about their health and well being including awareness about HIV aids etc.



Seva starts from within our home where the first step is towards our parents and family. Once completely devoted there, seva for our community, society begins.



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