Liberate Yourself

You are your own master and the Master is within you, then who can liberate you but you? The knowledge of your limited self or the limited knowledge of the universal consciousness is the greatest bondage for every living being. There is nothing and no one who is separate from His divine light. The cycle of births and deaths in this samsara is only because of this ignorance. Sant Kabir thus spoke:

”Shune Padya Na Chhootiyo Suni Re Jeev Aboojh

Kabir Mari Maidan Mein Kari Indriyaan Sun Jhoojh”

Kabir says that liberation for a jeeva in the real sense does not come purely with renunciation but to those who enter the field and dabble with the senses. To many seekers and those walking the path, the understanding of liberation is renunciation while the renunciation is only in words for to them; it is just another name for procrastination, escapism or an easy lifestyle involving no struggle. Renunciation or sannyas is not leaving the family or the worldly affairs and going to some jungles or ashrams, true renunciation is from the ignorance of our limited being. Sannyas is sam niyas, a balanced state where one finds a balance between the material and the spiritual such that there is no duality for him even in the two. For him, both are one and he is no longer split. In every situation, he walks and acts in a conscious, aware manner and feels complete in the given moment. There is no past and future for him, no this and that, no right and wrong, all merge into that divine radiance of the Atman. One remains in his own nature of consciousness and when this awareness becomes a being’s nature instead of a practice or lifestyle; it makes him one with the Brahman. Thereafter, all beings are one with him; there is no wife, no child, no boss, and no servant separate from him. All attachments and differentiation that become a cause for a separate identity are lost and what remains is a pure being.

Liberation is not a pursuit, it is the final destination. Neither can the mind nor the body be liberated; it is ignorance which is liberated. Time and space are dimensions created by the limited awareness; karmic bondage, destiny, sorrow, extreme joy, attachment, all are created by the mind which creates conflict and duality all our lives and never lets us merge into that Oneness. So, true liberation is from your own self-contained being, your thoughts, assumptions, and your mind. Liberation is of the external, all things ephemeral and as a result one gets to dwell in the beautiful internal, the abode of Shakti.

If each one of us gets into a constant love affair with that spirit called God, Ishwar, Allah, Atman, Brahman then one becomes complete, purna in the real sense.  He who is complete makes us complete and then the ocean of samsara cannot affect us any longer.  Yes, it is a death of the ego, the limited consciousness but it is to be celebrated for what remains alive is a being devoid of all philosophies, veils, distinctions, culture, and creed. Such a being is truly the richest, the most powerful. All choices remain open for such a person yet he chooses to remain choice-less. Such a being is beyond contentment, he is content-less.  But a free man is nobody’s man. Society doesn’t like him for he doesn’t fit in the ways of the society. Family doesn’t like him for he has turned inwards and only lives truth. Hypocrisy, duality, attachment, he is beyond it but when the world chooses to die a thousand times, this being is shining the brightest, his fire is the one you cannot miss for sure. With every tattva, every being, you can relate him and he can relate to that state for he is beyond every state so every state fits into him. While you believe that he is wise, he has no beliefs for he is one with wisdom, truth, life. Only those who are liberated from the clutches of the world know how to celebrate life!


Gurushree Vidushii

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