Leave the World, Just Live

A Diamond merchant committed suicide last week by jumping from the Worli-Bandra sea link. Many other people commit suicide out of depression, dejection, suppression, oppression, dismay, and disease. Never before had so many suicides happened as in the last few years. The cause is differently spelled each time but the root is the same; we have been victims-of history, society and conditioning. First the priests did it and for the remaining, society carried on in the name of culture, tradition, religion or custom. And poor man remained split between all of them, never getting an opportunity to be himself.  A wise man once told me, “ First I was split as a child for my parents loved my sibling, then I was split as a son for both my parents expected different things from me, then my boss expected something and now my wife expects me in a certain way. To top it all, my child also expects me to be in a certain way and then there is a larger society of my caste that expects something of me. Where do I go?” I smiled at him and said “ wherever you go, there is a crowd. So go nowhere.”  He looked puzzled than before and this is natural for when someone tells you don’t be, tat also doesn’t go down with you. Its now in your very nature to be something but even if you were not that, you would not rest at peace. Man is now in such a state where he is not free but he does not want to be free as well. Where there is routine and discipline in life, he again complains of nothing been great. So what is good and great for one can be sad and bad for the other.

Drop it all. Side no one, identify with none, listen to your heart and do what you feel passionately about. Your father wants you to be an engineer but if you want to be a professor, so be it. Happiness is the master key to success and not vice versa. Even if it means less resources or risk, then that risk is well worth refining you, defining you. Just like some fruits don’t ripen the first time, you may go through your own travails but when the time is right and all else is right, you will ripen and that day of blossoming and blooming will be your day. No big achiever has ever made it big in the worldly way, each one of them has committed mistakes, grown with hurdles but those mistakes and hurdles made them what the world knows of them.  Be original for fakes come with an inferior output. If society says one thing and parents another and your teacher the third, then you are in a mess. Whether to choose Gita or Bible or Guru Granth Saheb, the end is the same, so if you create a fourth scripture of your own, it is fine but even if you choose any one of the three, it is correct for your eye is on the goal, not the path you choose. But here you are, dwelling and contemplating which path is correct. Nothing is right or wrong here, just right and a little less right. As it is, human mink is so fickle that today what you term right becomes wrong another day and once again will become right. So carve your own path in complete awareness and with passion and you will never regret. And when you reach there, stop, realise what you have achieved and drop it. Then if you continue to attach importance to a little more and a little more, then that greed and attachment will kill you somewhere. At that point, become a Krishna, a Buddha and celebrate your achievement.

Most of us forget to enjoy the moment and keep living in expectations, desires, wants and conditioning. Many who worship God do it out of fear or expectations. It is utter madness when you confine life in its myriad boundaries and definitions. Why fall into any one definition when there is a whole world to relate to. Each time you fail, see what the Universe has in store for you. It might be a way to a bigger opportunity, a bigger plan this srishti has for you. And definitely a crowd, whether it is the society or religion, or those around you will never have the right logic for you because you are your own logic, not even your mind is. There is a bigger logic that is working within you. Realise that logic, it may be God, love, passion, joy; the definition can differ but the core will not.


Gurushree Vidushii

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