Guru and Gyan

So who is a Guru and why do you need one? In simple terms, a Guru is a person who teaches you what life is all about. You may think we are already living a life and now who is going to teach us any better. Then think back of the stages in life where you progressed from junior to middle school and then senior school till you got graduated. At every stage you knew the best and yet, you were one step behind the next. Existential living and real living are two different concepts. You think you are living a good life but are you prepared to face life any way it goes? Are you fearless and prepared to leave this earth any moment?

A Guru is a walking scripture whose words might not come from the Vedas or any spiritual text but will suit your life and situation.  By reading the texts which were written thousands of years ago, you will have interpretations from those times and then the way your mind perceives. The One whose being is God’s living truth, the one who has heard the greatest sound, experienced the greatest reality is capable of changing your reality. When God closes a door, a Guru shows you the path through the window that seems tough to be an entry but it opens inside the same garden of the Lord. Although a Guru’s words are difficult to perceive through thinking mind for the mind does not dwell in divine waters. But the heart and the soul within can catch the connection fast. Living with the mind has caused enough heartache to the extent of the heart getting extinct, so with the Guru, for once, walk with your heart up your sleeves.

Having a Guru is a greater gamble than marriage because while marriage changes you a bit, the Guru will change you immensely. He will break all your myths and notions that you have harboured and nurtured for long. Everything you call good or bad might be challenged by the one whose truth and justice is one with the Lord.  Bathing in a Guru’s gyan is thousand times more powerful than a physical snaan in the holy rivers. The wisdom derived therefrom can take you through many births, not just this one.  Gyan that gives birth to awareness within is the real gyan and should be sought by all. The dust within should be cleared to be able to see the hidden gold. Guru is that instrument and the thread that will bind all beads together for you.

Guru’s gyan and knowledge through books and other sources are way different. Knowledge gained from outside can be debated, dealt with differently each time but Guru’s gyan is like the rays of the Sun that fill the planet with great warmth, energy and divinity.  Mind is maya and creates a new illusion for you each day but Guru’s gyan is the seed that is capable of controlling the vrittis of the mind each time you lose track. Balancing dharma, artha, kama and moksha is possible with a Guru but how many are aware of the four purusharthas and their importance in human life?

Brighten your world with the inner treasure only a Guru will help you find. Gift yourself a new life that is filled with the gyan of atma. God and Self alone is the only truth, the world is illusion. So come off the worldly clutches and take seat in the atman within. In the blessings of the Guru, seek the grace of God.


Gurushree Vidushii

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