Mind is the greatest weapon provided to a human by nature, which, if used to its optimum capacity or the intellect part of the mind, if used optimally can turn us all into divine beings. The only requirement is to look within and identify our strengths and weaknesses.

Spirit-u-al-ity is something to be experienced by all and is there with in us because we all are spirits inside the body. But we spend all our life with bodies in spirit. Spirituality is not something to be spoken about; it is something to be experienced. While there are innumerable ways to meditate and reach one’s guru or God, the easiest one is through love, gratitude and going within. The first step that will take anybody towards his deeper self is when he starts meditating with a certain discipline that will open the first Yogic knot of the Devi ShaktiKundalini.

The discovery of the god particle, the realisation about what is matter, doctors taking to alternative medicine, scientists conducting experiments on praying and non-praying patients are indications that science and spirituality will be the same very soon. What scientists call matter are tattvas of aakashvayuagni ,prithvi and jal for us. Humans going into space are the ones who would know the divine light hidden in that aakash tatva, absolute silence and ultimate nirvana. We all experience the same by going within and staying silent because silence is what increases the aakash tattva in all of us and takes us to that nirvikaar state which can turn us all into divine beings. The only requirement is to look within and identify our strengths and weaknesses. And when we do that, we realise the limited nature of everything around us, from words we speak to the body we are in. The only evident truth is destruction and death.  Life then becomes a passage towards that death. If lived consciously, it becomes a great possibility that is capable of unveiling the absolute truth, that which is but which is not within this physical dimension. And what look like obstacles and sorrow in the physical world are instruments of progress towards realising the greater path.

This mind is just an instrument that feeds out what it is fed in. So the limited mind keeps dwindling between thoughts, time frames, and fluctuations without a tough taskmaster. A tough master can control this mind and emotions by keeping a constant watch on the fluctuations. This is possible only if we live in the present moment, the “now”. Renunciation, another often misinterpreted term is of the senses, not of people or life. In fact, one who cannot enjoy life is incapable of enjoying the path, since the inner space is all about silence and only a joyous being is capable of venturing within.

Religious, today, unfortunately is a term associated only with rituals else no terms are good enough to define that space that awakens a being and directs him towards the inner wisdom. Hence the term spiritual, what is of the spirit; spirit that cannot be destroyed, hurt, burnt, dissolved. What can be dissolved is the ego, what can be burnt is the body and what can be destroyed is the limited reality.


Gurushree Vidushii

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