Transformational Leader
Gurushree Vidushii

Gurushree Vidushii speaks on every subject that concerns human life and Divinity. It is not what she speaks but how she synthesizes the ancient and the modern, the mind and the heart and speaks from such a depth that she leaves an unending thirst for knowledge. A gyan yogi who has seamlessly walked the path of grihastashram and an entrepreneur who has made spiritual sciences her business, GSV has established spiritualty in such a simplistic way that one comes to realise that there is no such term as a ‘spiritual being’ for every being is spiritual. An erudite motivational speaker, Gurushree addresses both corporations and individual groups across various age groups on subjects as varied as mind, body, energy and consciousness to love, health, relationships and stress. Living a life of karma and truth and paving a purposeful path is what Gurushree teaches all.

In a different capacity as a spiritual mentor, Gurushree coaches top leadership management on their internal value systems and empowers all leaders to achieve greater clarity, balance and harmony within their own selves. Best seen as a divine catalyst for germinating seeds of trust within organisations, Vidushii Ji is an enigma to be experienced and not described in words. Known by various names as ‘Lady Luck’, ‘Magician’, ‘Transformationalist’, Gurushree is seen by one and all as a mystical master who breaks all boundaries of time and space.

“Aim of every individual should be living in the pursuit of rising from the darkness of their vices, like greed, lies, to enter a new world of awareness, truth, detachment and understand the true of meaning of life and death. – Gurushree Vidushii”

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Appreciation Notes


Woman of Substance Award by MSME at International Business Summit, New Delhi (2019)
Vidushii ji's(Gurushree) vision of reawakening human values and empowering women and children was recognised and applauded by the esteemed faculty at the International Business Summit 2019 held at New Delhi and she was facilitated with the “Woman of Substance” award amongst other award winners from the government sector like NALCO, NSIC,SBI. Present at the Summit were the ambassadors of many countries, the Industry MOS Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi and other prominent dignitaries
Awarded with the Zee India Business Award for being an Inspiring Philantropreneur, Bangalore (2019)
The honourable India Business Award 2019 bestowed upon Gurushree Vidushii ji, founder of Rudra Universe for being an "Inspiring Philanthropist Entrepreneur for Spiritual Enlightenment & Empowering Women and Children" that was published in prime magazines,      e-portals and was telecast on Zee Business channel in May 2019.
Keynote Speaker at International Conference on Spirituality in Varanasi (2014)
Addressed students of Varanasi and international scholars studying spiritual leadership and management from different countries at the International Conference conducted at Varanasi in 2014
Chief Consulting Spiritual Architect at Future Group Enterprises (2016)
Mentored the leadership management at Future Group for an entire year
Your Story Featured Personality in May (2020)
Cover Feature written on Gurushree Vidushii describing her as a Master, Healer and a Revolutionary

Speaking Engagement Topics

Amongst a variety of topics Gurushree speaks on, here are some topics she has addressed in recent times

Rediscover your Self

Your Inner Anatomy
  • Explore your emotional and psychological layers

  • Break all your perceptions and free yourself

  • Step out of all artificial traps you have created

  • Know the purpose of your life and live it

The Right Path

Creating meaningful careers
  • Explore your emotional and psychological layers

  • Break all your perceptions and free yourself

  • Step out of all artificial traps you have created

  • Know the purpose of your life and live it

A New Awakening

The Silent Power
  • Explore your emotional and psychological layers

  • Break all your perceptions and free yourself

  • Step out of all artificial traps you have created

  • Know the purpose of your life and live it

The Invincible You

A Transformational Leader
  • Explore your emotional and psychological layers

  • Break all your perceptions and free yourself

  • Step out of all artificial traps you have created

  • Know the purpose of your life and live it

Latest YouTube Videos

2020: A Shift In Consciousness. The beginning of the New Age
The only language the Universe speaks is that of frequency, not of words. Tune into the frequency of Nature.Hear Gurushree talk about this great shift in consciousness.

Worship of Shivlingams to reach the Shiv and Shakti tattvas

One specific lingam she mentions is the Narmadeshwar Shivlingam or the Swayambhu lingam and then in her own words, she mentions another lingam which can reach the unfanifest or formless Shiv tattva.

Do not expect any results from Meditation

An amazingly interesting conversation that Gurushree had with an acquaintance leads us deep into those aspects that we often ignore when we sit to meditate.

श्रावण मास २०२० - करुणा मंत्र

हे महादेव महाएकाकी शिव शंकर भोले तुम्हारे डमरू से ये सम्पूर्ण पृथ्वी डोले सृष्टि के मूल आधार करूँ यही प्रार्थना इस संकट समय में हमारे भाग्य खोलें
गुरुश्री विदुषी की आत्मरचित कविता अपने प्रभु की स्तुति में श्रवण के उपलक्ष पर I

Publication - Ebooks

चेतना का प्रतिबिम्ब



‘आभास’ गुरुश्री विदुषी द्वारा रचित दिव्य कविताओं का एक अप्रतिम काव्य कोश है जिसकी समस्त कविताएँ ईश्वरत्व को समर्पित हैं इंद्रिय जनित मानवता में ईश्वरीय चेतना को प्रज्वलित करती इसकी प्रत्येक रचना अनंत आनंद की ओर बहती एक प्रकाश धारा के समान है मायावी जगत में आत्मिक अस्तित्व का बोध करने हेतु एवं पूर्णत्व की प्राप्ति के दृष्टिकोण से इस काव्य संग्रह को स्थूल से सूक्ष्म तक का मार्ग जानें 

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A Journey through Divinity

Divine Echoes


The myriad mystical expressions in this anthology would steer you within your own consciousness. That the path of spirituality is simple and self-invoking and the first step towards transformation starts with the self is what you will discover in this book of divine poetry. From the mystical universe to the self that seeks the eternal truth, the journey from the self to the Supreme One finds expressions through some magical words in this book of soulful poems written by Gurushree Vidushii.

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The Seeds of Divinity

Wisdom Sutras



These sacred threads of wisdom by Gurushree Vidushii were put together with the sole aim of sharing her vast knowledge with all beautiful souls who desire to know the deeper meaning of life. Each chapter comprising words spoken by her shall help you transcend all limitations of body and mind and establish the Absolute Self in you. Read these sutras to raise the truth consciousness that is one with all existence and divinity alike.

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Elements of Knowledge

Tattva Gyan

In this book of elements, the mystic value attached to various symbols in Hindu culture and in nature has been deeply expounded by Gurushree Vidushii. The entire creation is self-filled and all elements in Srishti are fragments of a single elementary truth you call soul or the spirit.

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Associated with Leading Brands

Here is a glance into Gurushree Vidushii’s life and the milestones she has covered in her journey so far

Reflect on life and enter a world of wisdom through The Speaking Tree blogs written by Gurushree.

    What People Say About
    Gurushree Vidushii

    Vidushii ji guides us on how to do right things in life and stop all wrong deeds. We get to learn so many things of our life with her guidance. Vidushii ji also guides us and let us know what is meditation and spirituality and how they are different from one another in order to live more balanced way of life which leads to happiness.

    Kundan Save
    (Director at Omni Design, Architects and Interior Designers)

    My experience with Vidushii ji is always like a guide a beacon I have spoken to her when I felt troubled, many a times without telling her that I am disturbed or troubled. A few words from her have always helped me to tide over any crisis. She is big time mentor to my sons. A treasure house of knowledge, an excellent vocabulary and superbly articulate. For me she is perfect friend, philosopher and a guide.

    Lavin Shetty 
    (Executive Director-Tandem Global Logistics India Pvt. Ltd)

    An excellent person, with deep knowledge and highly capable of guiding you in the right way. Don’t miss the opportunity to be guided.

    Ravi Shankar Gopalkrishnan
    (CEO – Global Capital Fund – UK)

    Experience of a lifetime which has changed the way I see my life. Thank you. (My lifelong mentor)

    Rohan Ambokar

    We engaged with Rudra Universe for several of our people initiatives. From Managing stress to managing performance, from managing self to managing teams, from handling personal issues to official conflicts and we experienced some amazing results. From Junior to senior and from young to old, Vidushii ji could connect with all and would be able to build immense self-belief and confidence in each one of them with great aplomb. We have experienced tangible business results and individual level transformations. The sessions (both individual and collective) are highly focused towards self-introspection and provide a fresh perspective and direction. I believe that these kind of session are a must for every organization in today’s fast-moving world.

    Kaustubh Sonalkar
    (President – HR Essar Group | CEO – Essar Foundation | CEO – ECSLLP)

    I am truly blessed that I have got guidance of Vidushiiji. Her advices has helped me a lot in my personal and professional life. I have understood the meaning of Spirituality in true sense from her. She is a great mentor and counselor.

    Amruta Pathak
    (Manager – HR at Adfactors PR)

    Vidushii ma’am suggests ways to overcome obstacles, release old patterns and work towards the possibilities that are written in the stars. She generously offers inspiring ideas that you can apply to your everyday life in a practical way. I felt like I not only had an astrological reading, but also a session with caring coach who is committed to helping others become more of who they are meant to be. She’s intuitive, insightful and thoughtful. She is also a very wise woman, a smart and savvy business consultant and a sister with a big heart. Just extraordinary. I am so grateful to have discovered her.

    Tina Bhatnagar
    (Fashion Stylist)