For most of us the very question , why the need for spiritual awakening is a struggle in itself. Spiritual awakening or awakening is nothing but just a way of being. It’s as simple as a bud blooming into a flower . Or the sun shining bright during the day. If all of us start living in now, in this moment completely aware of the play of this body, mind ,emotions and our respective consciousness levels, then this awareness is spirituality.


Spirit-u-al-ity is something to be experienced by all and is there within us because we all are spirits inside the body. But we spend all our life with bodies in spirit. Spirituality is not something to be spoken about , it is something to be experienced.


A sanyasi is a person who lives in the sam state…sam and nyas make sanyaas. When you are living every moment fully and yet staying passive from the fruits of your labour, the repercussions of certain situations, the judgement of human relations going beyond the final dimension living in the current, that moment you automatically become a sanyasi. Sanyas is not about wearing certain clothes or changing you life style or food habits or leaving the world. Every enlightened soul on this earth is a sanyasi. No age or no ashram can define a sanyasi. Yes every spiritual being is a sanyaasi who has understood the process of being active in body and mind and being passive in the meditative state.

The word detachment is self explanatory. It is for those highly attached individuals who will sometime be prepared to de-attach themselves with their surroundings. On the spiritual path this is the greatest fear of every seeker thinking that the spiritual process will detach themselves completely from their family. The actual subject is not about detachment, in such people’s mind the real issue is the fear in them and fear always plays havoc in the path of progress. When somebody cannot handle life properly he cannot handle any other implications of life as well. Wen you are living life fully you also know how to balance it well. When you are living every experience fully and utilizing the breath and this life for everything ,meaningful life will automatically become a celebration. But when we choose to be alive only with certain people , places or situations , we are alive with conditions.and because of such conditions and conditioned living we start questioning detachment. To be able to be detach yourself first of all one needs to be completely attached and involved in life. But when you misunderstand life and relationships you automatically misunderstand the process of detachment as well. Detachment is not about leaving people , changing your life style or changing your food habits , a highly detached person at the same time can be full of joy and have the greatest exuberance of life and joy on his face. The detachment is only with the understanding that we are a body in this lifetime. The detachment is with the physical being and we are only de-attaching ourselves from the body and the mind to the soul level.

Love is not attached to the body, it is attached to the soul. When you attach the love to the soul , you accept that person completely with unconditional love attached to the soul, whereby you accept the person even with his or her shortcomings…we do not find any faults in them.

To begin with sadhana should not be confused with meditation. If you split the word , you realize that it means ‘you become’. The spiritual path is such that the first quality of a seeker becomes that of disciplined ,restrained ,detached living and living with one’s inner self. Basically sadhana is all about whatever you do. Whether we laugh , we breath , we eat , we perform our daily activities all of that becomes sadhana. Hence it is no practice or belief system that one has to follow. Rather it becomes a way of life. Once you become that individual there is nothing difficult about following the path of sadhana because your sadhana and you are no longer two different things . Hence, what is you is accepted with ease and there is no difficulty in doing that.

Meditation is a process that transforms our energy into something much higher. However as against the popular belief that meditation converts us into a different individual , it is not just that , it is something that becomes a part of us and slowly becomes us. Whatever we have gained over the years and our past life has a certain bearings in our minds. And we become prejudiced about somethings that carry perspective about certain things. The very moment we start living a free life and start living conditionally, meditation takes us into our inner selves and introduces us to the state of being that is completely separate from our mind and body. Once we start meditating , our ability to perceive things changes. Once this happens all veils fall off and no prejudices exist anymore. The distance between ourself and inner self is so clearly visible that peace and happiness happen on their own and a different individual is born. Acceptance for the world increases and there is no more grief, hatred or biasness, greed, lust and so on.

Why do you want to find a guru? What are you seeking? If you are seeking money, prosperity you should not find a guru. You should then look for a motivator or a strategist who can strategies your business well. When you are seeking a higher path and want to understand the business of life, that is when you should seek a guru. First of all we need to know, who is a true guru ? A true guru or sadhguru is one who will help you find yourself. When you have a guru , who takes you on a path to find God you will definitely be in a positive environment and follow a certain path of bhakti. But the moment certain situations in life which are different , cross your path , all your bhakti doesn’t help you contain yourself as the individual at that level. On that path , God and you are separate entities , and there still exist a certain amount of duality. So the foremost important thing is to first understand yourself. Your inner being will also introduce you to the greater God. But recognising such a guru who makes you walk on that path is a difficult path because every time you will look into him to find a certain trait or evaluate a certain habit, you will fail because such a person will have no typical habits or traits. He will not be attached to any person, place or thing. The moment you try to find a certain individual your search becomes wrong. Because a guru is no ordinary individual. The source that attaches your individual self to the universal self cannot be identified with an individual or with the universe. He is only a certain energy and such an energy can be attracted only when you have reached a certain energy level in your life through dharma, karma or the path of self discipline. The last word answers you. When we talk about opposites, a true guru will be both the opposites, existing in one. He will be loving but ruthless, caring but will leave you independent . In short,a complete ardhanareshwar. When your heart starts aching for that higher self, and you start realising that there is a lot to learn and know in this life time. There is a possibility of finding a guru. When one starts looking beyond the physical dimensions the formless or the sada shiva chooses to manifest in the form of guru.

Past in Hindi means bhoot. Why do we need to bring ghosts in our current life (jokingly). Past life karmas or prarabdh as we call it in this janma, are definitely the reason behind a lot of disturbances , diseases, sorrows or dissatisfaction in our current life. It is a complex cycle and this cycle manifests itself only through the physical body. As long as we keep ourselves attached to the physically body we are open to a lot of grief and suffering. Furthermore, our current karmas are the catalyst to our agami karmas. So how should your current karmas be. Such karmas that burn away our past life or energies and also set the path to a state of indifference which we call the sam avastha where the neurons are completely stabilised . Such karmas require a lot of maturity . Balanced state of consciousness and being , state of alertness, optimum health , good food discipline , strength of mind and body . If our karmas are directed towards the higher state of consciousness then we are easily about to break out a lot of our past karmas or get rid of them though higher grace.

An individual in kaliyug is supposed to be a killer of the vices or else be prepared to get killed in the way. Ironically, we have all become animals in the real sense, killing each other , hurting others, breaking others physically emotionally, husband and wife , children and parents, neighbours and neighbours. It is a very sorry state of kaliyug. The swaroop of Pashupatinath is that swaroop who has absolute control over the animalistic nature . Animal sacrifice has always known to be symbolic of sacrificing our vices over our greater qualities and victory over bigger and small. Just like a pashu or animal will not be able to differentiate between gods and the highest gods and the god above gods and will go on killing other animals , we are also doing the same in the name of creating nuclear weapons , biological weapons and so on . What is happening in Libya, Iraq, Iran and Taliban is nothing different. Within religions Muslims have been known to create a difference between shiyas and sunnys, Hindus have fought in the name of Vishnu , Shiva and Devi worshipping always looking at the form and arguing like pashus and there is that one Pashupatinath laughing at all this foolishness.