Your Valuable Offerings !!!

It is in the act of giving with love, that one is gifted back! When you give to others you have more for yourself. By sharing, love grows and Rudra Universe Foundation, a spiritual, non-profit organisation towards dedicated in helping people and teaching them to love humanity and rejoice life. The main objective of the foundation is the upliftment and empowerment for the poor women, specially gifted and orphaned children with the basic aim of providing them with health and resources for a living. A team of volunteers is dedicated to educating the poor about their rights and resources. The foundation is very actively involved in holding workshops, discourses and meditation programs which are aimed at helping humans globally to walk the path of higher consciousnesses.

The greatest gift you can give yourselves is a few blessings and some smiles from those whose lives you can touch through your valuable contribution. The restitutes, the old, the specially gifted: in the fields of education, medication, empowerment and seva, let us all walk in unison and uplift all humans. Share your love and compassion.

Rudra Universe Foundation is a registered non-profit charitable organisation under Income Tax Act 1961. All contributions to the Foundation are eligible for 50 % tax deduction under section 80G. For further correspondence please contact us.


Practice of “Giving Back”

To be the abode for choice for mental and spiritual awareness and emancipation

Dedication to imparting knowledge to attaining higher consciousness, helping humanity and humans globally on the path to higher consciousness.

To reduce the extent and impact of the trauma of violence in women, where domestic violence is reinforced by economic hardship, alcohol abuse, other antisocial behaviour and social and cultural inequality. Provide learned, spiritually inclined, trained and experienced counselling to abused women and help them resettle in life.

To provide processes, tools, products and continuous support to mankind to help find peace and their inner calling.

To make the needy self-reliant by getting them launched on an entrepreneurial path.